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    I had a huge household fire in December last year. 70% of my property was destroyed, and I couldn't do anything about it. Then I heard about these guys, and I had decided to hire them. The best move in my life! Not only they managed to repair my property and clean everything like it used to be, but they also gave me a whole new design!

    Alan Rodriguez
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    My husband and I had a small-time fire in our house, so we lost the whole kitchen. We had to buy completely new things for the kitchen. However, the guys from this company suggested us to try ultrasonic cleaning service. After the cleaning, our appliances looked like new! The toaster, the freezer the stove....everything looked like it was new! Also, the guys from the company are very nice and left everything clean behind them 10/10!

    Dianne Johnson
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    I cannot describe the level of professionalism these guys have. I needed HVAC cleaning, and my friend told me about the ckfutures company, and I decided to give it a shoot. It turned out it was more than worth - my ducting system is now clean and tidy, plus they have changed all the filters for free! Great company - recommendation 10/10!

    David Spencer

What 3 services can you get if you hire us?

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning service is a great alternative to a replacement that gives outstanding results in terms of cleaning. Rusted parts and semi-finished products will look like they have come out of the production factory. Your pipes, parts, and gear will look like the same as it was when you bought in the store. This type of service usually goes hand in hand with soot removal

Ultrasonic cleaning
Dry ice

Soot removal

Soot removal after the fire damage is one of the most difficult tasks in the restoration process. Soot stays fixed firmly to a surface, and it is hard to remove it without the proper equipment and gear. Luckily, our team has up-to-date equipment ready for work, which in combination with exceptional skills, produces clean and safe surface. This type of service is a great alternative to the dry or wet cleaning of the damaged surfaces.

Air Duct Cleaning

To ensure a healthy air to your property, air ducting system must be properly maintained and cleaned. During the household fire, a significant amount of smoke, mixed with soot particles, stays stuck in your ducting system. These particles can cause serious breathing problems if not ventilated properly. Therefore, air purification process is crucial for providing your home with clean and healthy air – we do a complete HVAC restoration to ensure that your house a clean air.

Air duct cleaning